Succeed Big Professionally

Momentum is an amazing thing. The first 10 years as an adult will define much of the rest of your life. That’s a scary thought. Everyone’s goal is the same: to be happy and successful. Unless you are born a millionaire and never have to work, much of that success comes from the ability to do well in a career. But if everyone wants to do well in their careers, why do some keep succeeding while others lose their momentum?

Primarily designed for ages 18 to 28, this book is a comprehensive guide to professional success for men and women who want to excel in their careers. It is not composed of theory or vague advice, but based on the real-life, recent experiences of Michael Drake, whose career (so far) has spanned small start-ups through multi-billion dollar corporations; from washing dishes to creating national marketing strategies.

Part One of Succeed Big Professionally covers topics from selecting and applying to the right organization, through the necessary steps and methods to capitalize on the opportunities that give you upward momentum in an organization.

Part Two is written for new and aspiring managers who want to learn the principles of strategy development and the management of people, which are often critical to continued success.

Part Three is Michael’s own story. Not the typical “perfect success story”, but a story that highlights the mistakes and struggles that led to the concepts in the book and a desire to share them with others.

Apply these lessons well and you will succeed big professionally.

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